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「Good morning, everyone.」

When I greeted my classmates whom I saw for the first time in two weeks,

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「Oh, you’re finally here!」

「I saw the newspaper, Allen! You achieved something amazing again!」

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「Hey, Allen-kun… Was the『Demon』really that strong? There’s a rumour going on that all the Holy Knights in the palace were beaten without putting up a fight.」

「Or rather, what is『Allen Cell』? Tenshi-sama announced that it was a『special medicine for the curse.』…Does this have something to do with you too?」

A number of questions were thrown towards me in rapid succession.

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「Eh, uh…」

As I answered each question one by one, a chime rang to announce the morning homeroom.

At the same time, the door of the classroom opened vigorously, and Leia-sensei walked in.

「Good morning, everyone! Without delay, let’s start our morning homeroom!」

She was as lively as ever, and relayed a few pieces of information.