How does the online lottery store make money?

How does the online lottery store make money?

“However, I want to ask...

“It should be difficult for your company to make money by doing this project? Is this some kind of charity project or a new business model?”

Confusion was in Professor Kong’s eyes.

Indeed, the conditions in all aspects were quite good.

However, the problem was that these conditions seem to be too good. They were good for content creators and users, but not for the company.

Just set aside 10%!f(MISSING)or operating expenses; wouldn’t that a big loss?

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Even if someone was doing public welfare and raising the company’s reputation, one should still pay attention to efficiency?

The current Useful App would take a long time to make, would burn a lot of money, and would have slow results. It wouldn’t have much influence at all until it had real results. What was its gain?

Even if it was considered in the best case and became popular in a few years or even more than ten years later, who could consider such a long-term thing?

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That was why Professor Kong was confused and felt that it was a bit strange.

Yu Pingan was silent for a moment and said, “Prof Kong, I also asked Boss Pei about this question.

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“Boss Pei said... someone had to do it.

“He wants to create a pure land without rubbish for the Internet.”

Professor Kong Zhemin was silent for a moment and nodded: “Yes, I agree.

“This venture... it doesn’t matter whether it makes money or not, and it doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not.

“The significance of this matter itself is very important.”