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After that, if he comes here as is, Hazy Moon will burst.

(No matter how fast the reaction rate is… A blow from the blind spot is absolutely inevitable…)

And when I was holding on to Seigan no Kamae so that I wouldn’t seem unnatural – he paused.

「…Oi Oi Oi, what is this easy to see trap? 」

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He passed the sword through the space where I inserted Hazy Moon. In response to the movement, Hazy Moon cut the air in vain.

「Kukuku, how can an obvious trap like this work? At best, only a second-rate swordsman will get caught in this.」

Saying that, he closed the distance with me in an instant,


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A strong front kick struck my abdomen.


I heard a detestable bone-breaking sound, and rolled across the ground like a ball.

「…*cough* *cough*!」

Perhaps the broken bone had damaged the internal organs, as I was spewing out blood.

「Oi Oi that’s filthy! Who do you think will clean it up later!?…Oops my bad, even I don’t know!」