Is foreign online investigations to make money?

Is foreign online investigations to make money?

Pei Qian waved his hand. “There’s no need for preferential treatment this time. You can give me more preferential treatment when I need it next time!”

What a joke. The system allows for this expense this time. Why should he need preferential treatment?

Obviously, he had to save this discount for the next time he hired fake reviewers.

Hu Xiao scratched his head, confused.

What was going on?

The person-in-charge of this account has been changed back?

He remembered that this person-in-charge had been very generous previously. However, he had become very stingy and meticulous the last time. Why was he so generous this time?

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How many people were managing this account?

However, Hu Xiao did not ask any questions. He immediately arranged for his fake reviewers to work.

This was another huge job. He could make a huge profit!

June 10th, Sunday.

Tengda experience shop was officially opened for trial operation!

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The relevant work had been progressing after the location of the experience shop was officially finalized. The various cabinets, samples, household necessities, and so on in the experience shop were continuously sent in. Liang Qingfan gradually handed the work of the experience shop to Tian Mo.

The entire experience shop was set up the day before. The trial operation of the experience store would start today.

The VR experience area had not been officially opened because the VR glasses at Slow Movement Studio had not been developed and mass-produced when compared to the initial plan. The big screen outside was still under construction. The snack vendors and chefs in the gourmet area had not been filled up yet, but there should not be a problem with the human traffic during the trial period.

All the products and staff of the experience shop were in position apart from that.

A commercial car stopped at the entrance of Golden Prosperity Square.