Make money channel Z

Make money channel Z

At that moment, dense murky darkness enveloped the entire training hall.


「W-What the hell is this…!?」

「This power and the name『Allen Rodore』…Is he possibly…!?」

Without paying attention to the voices of those around me, I broke in between Ria and the instructor in one step, thrusting the『pseudo-black sword』in front of him.

「Bastard, what are you doing?」

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The instructors face dyed red in anger. He pulled out the sword fastened at his waist.

I desperately suppressed the anger that boiled up, and put forth a certain proposal with a smile on my face.

「Instructor Don, why don’t we have a match?」

「A match, you say…」

「Yes, a one-on-one serious match. If I lose, I won’t knock on the gates of the Holy Knights Association for the rest of my life. And leave this place right away.」


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「But, if you lose, you will apologize to Ria right away.」

When I proposed the duel,

「Hmm… The moment you turned your sword towards me, the chance of becoming a Holy Knight was gone. But… how interesting, I accept!」

Taking off his padded undershirt, he exposed his muscular figure.