What are the secondary school students to make money online?

What are the secondary school students to make money online?

“That’s one expensive lemon tea.”

I laughed a little because I felt such a complaint to be somewhat amusing.

Pei Qian gently patted Ma Yiqun on the shoulder.

“I think you weren’t well-received on Limitless Chinese Language Network because the editor was jealous of your talent. Your writing skills are way ahead of our times. It’s not your fault that the readers cannot relate to what you write.”

A realization dawned on Ma Yiqun. “Boss Pei, have you read the novels I wrote?”

“No,” replied Pei Qian, shaking his head. “However, I can see your talent in your eyes.

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“If we want our website to succeed, we cannot follow the exact path that Limitless Chinese Language Network traveled. Otherwise, no matter how well we do, we will always only be an imitation of Limitless Chinese Language Network. How can we talk about making tight corners and making swift progress then?”

Ma Yiqun seemed to understand.

What Boss Pei was saying seemed to make sense. Ma Yiqun did not think that his talents had been buried. After all, this was an extremely competitive industry. If the editor could not relate to him, perhaps he could say that his talents had been buried temporarily. However, if the readers could not relate to him, it was unacceptable.

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Ma Yiqun always felt that his novels had failed because of the latter reason. That was why he did not have confidence in his own abilities.

Yet, something Boss Pei said was absolutely right.

For their website to succeed, they could not follow Limitless Chinese Language Network’s exact path. Otherwise, the readers would always choose Limitless Chinese Language Network over them. Why would they want to visit a website that merely followed trends and imitated others?

Thus, if they wanted to make swift progress, they had to come up with new and different ideas. It was clear that Boss Pei was a far-sighted man. He had high hopes and expectations for himself!

Boss Pei wanted a website that would surpass Limitless Chinese Language Network. He would not settle for mere initial success!

Ma Yiqun nodded profusely. “Alright, Boss Pei, I will do my best to run the website well!