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The seat at the head of the conference table was empty, but Li Shi did not sit there. Instead, he took the first empty seat to the left of it.

Obviously, the seat at the head of the table had been left empty for Boss Pei.

Li Shi looked around at everyone else and said, “Everyone, I have good news and bad news.”

Everyone else: “?”.

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Li Shi explained, “The good news is that Boss Pei just visited Thriller Hostel to take a look around. He’s avoiding us on purpose. That means he values this project quite a lot.

“The bad news is... he said he has work to do, and so he won’t be joining our meeting about Thriller Hostel’s marketing.”

Everyone else: “?”.

Obviously, most of the investors were thoroughly confused by Boss Pei’s tricks.

Boss Pei, it’s fine if you don’t want to come. We weren’t hoping you would come either. However, since you were already here, would it have been so difficult to walk a couple more steps and attend a meeting?

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Seeing everyone’s confused expressions, Li Shi knocked on the table. “None of you has figured out what Boss Pei’s attitude means?

“It’s very clear!

“He came to check on Thriller Hostel’s progress, which means that this project is very important to him. He just doesn’t want to make it too obvious.

“He isn’t attending the meeting, obviously because he wants to see how sincere we are in our publicity efforts! If we are sincere enough, Boss Pei would appreciate it and reciprocate!”

The other investors pondered hard about this. One by one, they seemed to understand.

That seemed to make sense!

Before this, Boss Pei had acted nonchalant about the project as well. However, when everyone proposed collectively investing in a shopping mall and sharing half of the profits with Boss Pei, Boss Pei took them seriously and came up with the Golden Maze.

It looked like it would be the same with marketing. Boss Pei was waiting to see how they would perform!