How to write online to make money in which platform

How to write online to make money in which platform

That meant to say that it probably was not the same as He An’s long Weibo post.

He then looked at the author; it was Teacher Qiao.

He An had an impression of this UP Master since the Products of the Gods was produced by Teacher Qiao.

He An was very clear that Teacher Qiao might not have professional knowledge, but he was one with more perspective among the players. He often tried to interpret Tengda’s games.

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However, Teacher Qiao had not posted his understanding of Struggle with the Products of the Gods, obviously because all the contents were interpreted by He An.

What was Teacher Qiao’s purpose in uploading this video then?

Could he have found a new angle to explain Struggle?

He An instinctively did not believe it, but he still played the video out of curiosity.

“My dear daddies, greetings, I’m the same old Godfather of Games you guys know me as, Teacher Qiao.

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“I’m sure many people are in doubt looking at this title.

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“Why was the interpretation of ‘Struggle’ delayed? Why was ‘Struggle’ not part of the ‘Products of the Gods’ series, but in ‘The Silent Expresser’ series? Why is it a continuation of the first issue?”

“Please be patient... I’ll reveal everything for you!”

“I have to clarify that this video is not an interpretation of the ‘Struggle’ game itself because Big Boss He An’s long Weibo post has already done it justice.

“Those who have not read the long Weibo post, please click the link in the description below the video and read it first. This is very important because the entire content of this video has to be read and interpreted together with the long Weibo post!

“Those who have read it may want to pause this video and re-read the post again.

“Three, two, one.