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But I have to get used to this. To find a style that will make me stronger and is unrelated with my father.

『Then, the bosoms will be out of reach.』

“Eh!? Oooh, not done yeeeettt!”

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It’s best to use motivation when you are tired! Yes, it’s an oppai-ration! [1]

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I never knew. That’s enough to make me feel like I can still do it, and my heart won’t break!

『Yes. Tis good to be motivated, but you are getting messy. Even tired, make sure to do the right steps and cast the right magic.』

I can do it! No, I will do it! I’ll get to feel Sadiz’s boobs! Pinch! Su, sucking...... Guhehehehe...!

I’m going all the way.... No, I’ll be a good child who is ready to do it!

”...... You’re playing a strange game with a lot of spirit. Little man”


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I was too focused and didn’t notice any sign Sadiz was there.

Sadiz looked at my ladder training and seemed a little amazed.... No......

”...... But...... Hm...... This is...... Unexpectedly...”

At first she was amazed, but she immediately seemed to be impressed then she had an expression of interest.

“Lil’ Earth. This game...... No, did Little man think up the training method?”

“Eh... No...... This is...”

As expected of Sadiz. At first glance, it seems she understood that this training which looks silly is effective in various ways.