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“It’s red…Red. This means that…!”

I gulped after I saw the color of the headphones in front of my eyes.

Then, as I’m trying to confirm, I slowly remembered the screen displayed on the monitor.

“…Yes. I remembered. The red headphones were dropped by Konoha-san…Then, Tendou-san picked it up. I think.”

No matter how many times I reaffirmed, she is really Tendou-san, it’s got to be right.

In my heart, …there’s an unspeakable sense of throbbing in my heart, knowing that I was chosen by her.

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Just as tears are beginning to form in my eyes, the “red light” slowly approached me from the dark. I quickly touched the walls with my hands as I walked forward tremblingly.

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“…I can’t sense our distance at all.”

A dark environment, way too dark. Although it was explained before, I didn’t think that you can only see the faint glow from the headphones of your partner. Aside from that, I can’t even sense the light coming from mine.

“This is fine, right? Can we really reach the end like this?”

I continued to walk despite the torment of my anxiety. Suddenly, my hand touched something. Although I freaked out for a moment, …that seems to be the hands of the person in front of me without me knowing it.

Both of us reached each other’s hands slowly, …then we grabbed our hands tightly.

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Right away, I let out an “ah” dazedly. Although I regretted it and felt embarrassed immediately, I pressed my chest in relief because I remembered the person couldn’t hear anything from the soundproof headphones.

“…I didn’t know that it’ll be this nervous when I felt the warmth of holding hands in the dark…”

I’ve held Tendou-san’s hands a couple of times, while I do feel nervous- but holding hands like this is another experience.