How to sell book online

How to sell book online

“In that case, the ICL league’s audience would not be small, it would be real!”

“What’s more, we can also compare the number of people yesterday and today’s number. This means that the ICL league has a constant inflow of fresh blood. The attention for the entire league is constantly increasing!”

“Quick, take advantage of the fact that FV Team is in the competition now and has more attention, do it immediately! We must create a hot topic of discussion on the internet before the competition is over and start a discussion on the internet after the competition!”

The assistant nodded immediately. “Alright, Boss Zhao, I’ll do it right away!”

After the assistant left the office, Zhao Xuming entered the live-stream of Bunny Tail again to check the number of viewers in the ICL league.

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The first round of the competition had already begun. The number of viewers had reached 65,782. It was increasing!

Obviously, this could be made used of as well.

The audience could not determine the real number of viewers from the popularity of live-streams if it were other live-stream platforms, because they changed too much and there were often situations where the popularity was fake.

Was this live-stream really becoming more and more popular? Or was it just a facade created by the platform?

The audience could not tell.

However, Bunny Tail Live-Stream was different. The audience had already accepted that this was real data. There was no falsification of data. Thus, the increase in the number of people was real.

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30,000 yesterday and more than 60,000 today. Didn’t that mean that the attention and influence of the ICL league were gradually increasing?