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how much money to retire at 55

“But, …Uehara-kun, should you really be going with me today?”

“What do you mean by really going with you?”

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“Uh, it’s because …there’s no Game Hobby Club meetings today. I’m just going to the game store to check out vintage games. That’s all.”

“Yeah, but I’m the one that asked to go with you. In reality, I’m interested in vintage games as well.”

“Uh, but…I guess you had to deal with something today, right? Isn’t that supposed to be something more important than going to the game store with me?”


It seems that Amano noticed something and are worrying for me. After all, I’m “late” today when I’m a guy that’s surprisingly good at arriving on-time.

I looked at his eyes, ….and then I smiled as I started to rub his hair with my hands again.

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“Nope, …it’s not like that at all. Your side is way more meaningful, and I also prioritized you first.”

“R-Really? That’s good to know…”

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Amano smiled a bit embarrassingly. However, I think he doesn’t want me to see a reaction like that. So, after he cleared his throat, he dared to start talking trash to me.

“Uehara-kun, but if I’m looking it this way, I didn’t expect you to have this much free time. Are you really a normie?”

“Shut up.”