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“But I feel like it’s a million times more meaningful to play games at home than to be treated like a sandbag in this situation!”

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I yelled at the top of my lungs to complain while feeling exhausted at the same time, so I just leaned down on the sofa weakly. Chiaki is drinking her beverage happily in front of my eyes.

Actually, …coming to the family restaurant with my rival Chiaki to relax a bit, this is initially something that I’ll never have imagined. However, the only reason that I accepted her request is that this girl told me this seriously. “I wanted to sincerely discuss something with you …”

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I didn’t hate Chiaki from the bottom of my heart. No, while I do hate her, …how should I put this. Right, I got it. The relation between is like the ones of Nobita and Gian from Doraemon or Ash and Team Rocket from Pokemon. Although we rival each other, usually, we still unite immediately when something’s off.

So, as a fanatic gamer, I’ll have to be considerate of Chiaki. So, I tearfully took away my time for gaming to join in this discussion. After the topic is revealed, I’ve finally realized that…

“A particular option about the RPG Twisted God’s Reincarnation.”

That’s what she wanted to talk about.

Honestly, I felt “what the hell” for a moment before feeling a sense of fatigue…

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However, after I thought about it, I realized that…this is quite an important topic for us gamers.

I should give a summary of the Twisted God’s Reincarnation series.

This is one of those so-called RPGs as well. For non-gamers, it’s pretty accurate to just think it as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.

However, this Twisted God’s Reincarnation has a bunch of features that differentiated it from other traditional RPGs.

The most iconic two are the world settings and the plot.

The plot of traditional RPGs is usually based in a fantasy world with medieval European elements and a plot of good vs. evil.

However, the stage of the Twisted God’s Reincarnation series is usually based on modern Japan (Tokyo) as the prologue of the story. Also, it described the hardcore survival of the protagonist in an apocalyptic world with demons appearing throughout the globe.