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Several officers of the Supreme Executive Committee of the Alliance Fleet were also watching the final battle.

“Why! He could have escaped!”

“Can anyone provide support?”

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“It’s no use. It’s too late. From the images that we just saw, the command ship has been completely torn apart by the angry bugs. He should be...”

The officers looked pained and frustrated.

AEEIS’s image appeared in the middle of the conference table. “Captain Qin Yi is determined to die. This is probably the home that he has already thought of.”

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“He, who has already been infected by the consciousness of the Zergs, should realize that it is very difficult for him to integrate into human society again. His former comrades are all dead. He is exhausted both physically and mentally. Dying in the battlefield is the best choice for him.”

“What’s more... obtaining the consciousness of the Zergs means that he will feel sympathy and empathy for the Zergs. He lied to the Zerg Queen and destroyed the entire race. I’m afraid that he also feels very guilty.”

“Perhaps Captain Qin Yi made such a decision under such complicated emotions.”

The senior officers of the executive committee sighed.

“What a pity. He is a talented commander. If he could continue to be trained, he would definitely be able to take over my position.”

“Humans have lost a genius.”

“What if we encounter a similar situation again? We can’t be so lucky to find the next Qin Yi.”

“Don’t worry, the Zergs on that planet have been completely wiped out by us. Humans should not encounter such a troublesome enemy again.”

“Forget it. The dead are gone. The war is over. There’s no point in discussing this. Build a statue for him on the blue planet. Humans will remember him forever!”

The image of AEEIS silently disappeared amidst the sighs of the Supreme Executive Committee’s officers.

The camera switched to the endless dark starry sky.

A huge Zerg Leviathan was floating aimlessly in space.

After losing the Zerg Queen, these behemoths had completely lost their intelligence. They could only drift aimlessly in the universe.