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I wrapped my arms around my body as I shiver. Chiaki’s face immediately flared up as she yelled at me!

“I-I’m not! Please don’t think of me as Konoha!”

“You’re not supposed to say that, right. I can’t believe that’s how you view your little sister…”

“S-Shut up! Keita, you’re overly self-conscious right now, anyway!”

“B-But, Chiaki-san, you’re interested in me, right?”

“You’re annoying! I’ve never seen such an annoying confession plot in romantic comedies! How much do you want your reputation as a man to fall!”

“I-I guess you’re right…”

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I admitted that I’m overreacting as well…However, when I got my girlfriend, my “harem” level isn’t high enough to clever adapt to a situation where a girl confessed her love to me.

This situation is tough, so I can’t help but stop as I scratched my head. So, Chiaki glanced at me from a couple steps lower, …and then she lowered her head depressingly.

“…My confession is really causing you a lot of pain, right…”

“D-Don’t say that-“

I immediately wanted to comfort her, but Tendou-san’s face flashed in my mind right away. So, I fell speechless…and Chiaki’s lowering her head even more as she mocked herself.

“…I’m sorry, Keita. In reality, I’m the selfish one for confessing to you…and even requesting you to ‘maintain the same relationship’ with me after your rejection.”


“S-So, for a while, I need to distance myself away from the Hobby Club-“

“Y-You can’t do that! I won’t allow it!”