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“By the way, have you read the contents of the agreement? Are you satisfied?”

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Yan Qi nodded. “I’m satisfied. What can I not be satisfied with? These conditions are already very good for us.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already memorized the few bugs you encountered. I’ll get them to make use of the time to edit them!”

“It’s our duty to fix the bugs. We even have to thank you. If we had not coincidentally encountered these bugs, we might not have known that bugs exist in this place.”

“If these bugs were officially released, the losses would be huge.”

Yan Qi thanked Tang Yishu profusely and left with his cell phone.

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Tang Yishu returned to her desk and sighed softly.

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Li Yada’s heart sank. In her heart, she wondered if the worst case scenario was true.

“Why, there are many bugs in this company as well?”

Tang Yishu nodded. “Yes, I found 12 bugs in half an hour.”

Li Yada “…”

Good lord, there were a total of two companies today. In the end, both companies were dissuaded because of bugs.

It was a little ridiculous.

Logically speaking, these companies must have brought a stable version of the game. Some new functions with more bugs would rather not be released.

Under such circumstances, there were still a bunch of bugs? That was really hard to understand.

However, there was no point in saying anything now.

Li Yada comforted him. “It’s alright. Our colleagues at the business side are still contacting other games companies. What’s more, Meng Chang will be launching a publicity event soon. More companies will come and talk to us about cooperation.”

“These two companies are small companies after all. They might not be so serious about their work. It’s not surprising that there are more bugs. It will definitely get better in the future.”